What does a Convenor do?
  1. Represents members in discussions and negotiations as appropriate.
  2. Assists the branch secretary in their duties towards service group members and co-ordination of branch activities.
  3. Communicates with members of their service group.
  4. Acts as a spokesperson for the service group, and assists the branch secretary when service group business is conducted with other levels of the union and external organisations.
  5. Drafts service group reports and presents them to the branch committee.
  6. Assists the Branch Secretary in the election, appointment, support and encouragement of stewards in the service group.
  7. Attends meetings convened by the branch secretary for Convenors.
  8. Convenes and attends all meetings of the service group and prepares agendas in conjunction with the chairperson of the group.
  9. Acts on all occasions under the direction of the branch committee.

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Your Unison Workplace representative should be your first point of contact should you have a question relating to your membership or issue within the workplace or union.  However, sometimes it can be difficult for members to
reach their workplace representative, particularly if you work within an isolated workplace or have different work patterns to your representative.Unison Direct offers a freephone service for members to make contact with the union. The lines are open Monday to Friday 6 am to midnight and on Saturday from 9am-4pm. There is also a free textphone number for members with hearing problems.Where possible Unison Direct will provide you with the information you are seeking, whether it is information about your membership or a factsheet on a health and safety matter. Where you have a workplace problem that requires assistance from a Unison Workplace representative, Unison Direct will put you in touch with them.

The Branch Convenors are: