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There For You Winter Fuel Grant 2018-2019

There For You, Unison’s Welfare Charity are now inviting applications from members who meet the required eligibility criteria for a £60 one off payment to help with fuel costs.

FAQS – including eligibility conditions – Winter Fuel Grant FAQS 2018-2019

Application form – which must be sent direct to There For You (not to the branch) – Winter Fuel Grant Application form 2018-2019

Promotional poster – Winter Fuel Grant Promotional Poster 2018-2019

Note – the closing date for forms to be received by There For You is no later than 15 February 2019.



Personal Injury Payments October 2018

For October 2018, members in the West Midlands region received £104,164.30 in compensation payments for Personal Injury claims.  There were no pay-outs for members of this branch this time but it always pays to be a Unison member.

Why Do You Need To Be A Unison Member?

Unison does a lot more on behalf of it’s members than first thought!!

West Midlands Personal Injury Claims Paid To Unison Members Sept 2018

For September 2018 members in the West Midlands Region received £77248.75 in compensation payments for Personal Injury Claims.

It always pays to be a Unison member!!

Lighthouse Financial Advice Newsletter February 2018

This newsletter features:

  • A Practical End of Year Tax Planning Check List
  • Finding A “nISA” Home For Your Savings
  • Imaging Living On Half Your Current Income
  • Helping Your Family Financially

It is well worth a read – Lighthouse Financial Advice Newsletter Feb 2018

Branch Newsletter February 2018

The latest branch newsletter is available.

Features include:

  • Health & Safety Spotlight – Stress At Work
  • What Have The Trade Unions Ever Done For Us – SOT Council no longer attacking terms and conditions for those who work unsocial hours
  • Did you ever wonder where Unison’s colours came from?
  • Ever wondered how your Local Government Pension is invested?
  • When did women get the right to vote and what was the Representation Of The People Act?
  • There For You – Unison’s Welfare Service For Members

Well worth a read – February 2018

High Fives For Unions And Their Good Work

New evidence of the good unions do has been published by the TUC in a series of reports.

The reports by academics Alex Bryson and John Forth take account of the characteristics of the workplace, including size, industry and ownership, to isolate the impact of unions themselves on what happens at work.

The studies also take account of how strong the union is in the workplace and whether an individual worker is actually a member of a union or not.  They also analysed the impact of collective and workplace bargaining agreements separately.

The top five findings are:

  • unions are good for pay: Bryson and Forth found that unions secured a 6.5% increase in pay across like workplaces
  • unions improve training: union members are up to 5% more likely to have received off-the-job training in the past year
  • unions are better for family life: workers in unionised workplaces are less likely to say that there is a long hours culture at work and employers in workplaces with a strong union are less likely to say that it’s up to the individual employees to balance their family and work life;
  • unions keep the workforce stable: unions reduce the number of people who voluntarily leave their place of work, reducing turnover and
  • unions are good for innovation: Bryson and Forth found that workplaces with collective and workplace bargaining agreements had higher scores for innovation.

These studies, say the TUC provide fresh evidence for what union members and enlightened employers have always known – a strong union is good for workers and good for business.