Affiliated Political Fund

What are the union’s political funds and what is the difference between the Affiliated Political Fund and the General Political Fund? 

Download a copy of the Political Fund Fact Sheet which explains about the political fund structure and the options available to members.

What does the Affiliated Political Fund Do?

The Affiliated Political Fund (APF) or Unison-Labour Link as it is known, works for our members’ interests through our link to the Labour Party.  The APF makes our members’ views known within the Party on the key issues affecting the public services; we participate in Labour’s policy discussions and our members can vote in Labour Party ballots such as those for the Leader and on the manifesto.

With the Affiliated Political Fund, Unison has created a democratic organisation building on our support for Labour. It is member centred, recognising that individual levy payers must be informed, consulted and involved. We have a strong emphasis on good communications, political education and debate. These activities are promoted through Unison-Labour Link.

Members paying into the Affiliated Fund determine the policies we pursue.

Members Rights

Labour Link members receive regular information about our work and campaigns with the Labour Party through our Unison-Labour Link magazine and news bulletins sent by direct mail to members and activists.

 Linking Up in Parliament and Europe

Unison has strong links with over sixty strong Unison group of Labour MPs.  They hold regular group meetings to discuss issues of concern to Unison members and to hear briefings on key policies. The views of Unison members are therefore heard both in Parliament and by the Government.With the increasing importance of the European Parliament we liaise closely with a group of Labour MEPs on matters such as employment rights, equality issues and public services.


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