Health and Safety

What is Risk Assessment?

Risk Assessment is the process of identifying what hazards exist in a workplace and how likely these hazards are to cause harm to workers and others in order to decide what prevention or control measures are needed.

By law, every employer must conduct a risk assessment on the work their employees do. Workers should be properly informed about their working conditions, the risks and how to avoid them.

Your safety rep should be asked to comment on them but the responsibility of doing a risk assessment lies with management.

A risk assessment should identify all the hazards and whether they have the potential to cause harm. It should enable and prioritise the measures that need to be taken and this should include the health and safety information and training that must be given to employees.

The findings of risk assessments carried out in City Council operations must be kept as a written record. Your employer has a legal obligation to inform its employees of the findings.

Who is my Safety Rep?

Every workplace should display a HSE document – “Health and Safety Information for Employees” entitled “Health and Safety Law”.

This should state the names and locations of trade union safety representatives along with the names of managers with health and safety responsibilities.

If you have any problems obtaining the name of your safety representative, please contact the Branch Office on 01782 236750 or 232263 or your Convenor. 

 I often work alone – I find that I worry about Health and Safety.

Firstly, to be classed as a Lone Worker does not mean that you have to work in complete isolation. People who work alone face the same hazards as other workers but for lone workers the risk of harm is often greater.  It is essential therefore, that the risk of lone working should be taken into account when risk assessments are carried out. Your employer must ensure they take full account of the risks involved when working alone and make sure that they are avoided (see “what is risk assessment” above).



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