Maintaining Your Membership When Left Employment For Legal and Equal Pay Cases

If you are leaving the authority on voluntary redundancy or for any other reason and we are pursuing an equal pay case or legal case on your behalf, it is imperative your maintain your membership of Unison in one of the following ways:

(a) If you are “retiring”, ie in receipt of a pension and are not in any other employment or intending to seek employment in the future, you can become a lifelong retired member of the branch for a one off payment of £15. Please contact the branch office, giving your name and postal address so the retired members application form can be posted to you or you can download the form here – RETIREDMEMBERSFORM

(b) If you are not currently in employment, you can become an unemployed member of the branch for a maximum of 2 years for a payment of £4 per year.  Please post a cheque for £4 to the branch office made payable to “Unison” together with a letter with your name, address and membership number, indicating you wish to become an unemployed member.  Alternatively you can download the form here – unemployedapplicationrequest

You will be reminded of the need to renew the 2nd years membership automatically.

NB If during this time your employment circumstances change, it is imperative you contact the branch office to amend your membership status.  If you are employed in a sector that is covered by Unison, you will need to join the appropriate branch and pay subscriptions based on your new earnings.  If it is the private sector, you will need to pay Unison 30p per week by direct debit to maintain your right to legal support.  Please contact the branch office for the appropriate form.  If after 2 years you are still unemployed and we are still pursuing an equal pay or legal case, you will need to pay 30p per week by direct debit.

The branch office contact details are:

Unison, 40 Kingsway, Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 1JH

Telephone 01782 236750. E-mail


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