Receiving Unison Information

My colleagues receive emails from the branch via the national membership system but I don’t. Why?

You have either not provided an e-mail address on your application form when you joined, the e-mail address originally provided is now obsolete or you chose to opt out of receiving e-mail communications. If you would like to have your record checked and make changes, please contact the branch office.

We don’t receive any Unison information from the branch at our workplace. Why?

The branch sends out its information every month to over 300 workplace locations within the City Council.  You may not get to see information for two basic reasons:  

  • No-one in your particular workplace is willing to receive the information and place it on the relevant notice boards. If you would like to become a post box contact for your workplace, please contact the branch office.  
  • Information is going to your workplace location but the recipient is not displaying it on the notice boards or not sharing it fully with all colleagues in the workplace location.  Again, please contact the branch office should this be occurring – we could change the name of the post box contact or add a second one if appropriate.

I am a paying Unison member but am not receiving any information from Regional or National Office or my copy of the Unison Magazine.

Your status as a member of Unison is based on the fact that you are currently paying subscriptions – this is always the criteria we use when checking your eligibility for membership/benefits.

When you are not receiving Unison information, this usually means that you are not denoted as a “live” member on the system. This could happen for a number of reasons:

  • There has been a change of address and mail sent to the old address has been returned as undeliverable, in which case a “returned” mail marker has been denoted on the record to stop any further mail being issued.  Many members assume that  payroll providers including the City Council payroll department inform us automatically of a change of name/address.  They will not do this because of Data Protection implications.
  • You are no longer paying subscriptions. This is possibly because you have changed jobs and if you are with the same payroll provider, they have not arranged for the deduction of your subscriptions from the start of your new employment.  Local authorities will also not pass on information about Unison subscriptions to/from each other.
  • Simple human error on our part – for which we apologise!!

This can be corrected by simply contacting the branch office, with your membership number if you know it, all changes of name/ address and your national insurance number.  We can then get your record updated and reinstated.

I have notified you of a change of address recently but some information from Unison is going to the new address and some to the old. What’s happened? 

Information to members is posted from both our regional offices and national office in London and via various partner organisations eg UIA Insurance.  Sometimes mailing lists are printed a few weeks in advance before being used.  The problem will therefore settle of its own accord.

I left employment sometime ago, am no longer a member of Unison but am still receiving mailing information.

For members who pay their subscriptions via their pay slip, Unison contributions would have automatically ceased when your employment is terminated. However, some payroll providers do not automatically notify the branch of leavers – you will therefore need to contact us so that your membership record can be amended.

For a Direct Debit paying member, you would need to cancel your direct debit mandate with your bank/building society in person. 

Branch Office Contact Details:

Please remember to include your name and telephone number in case of query-  thank you!!


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