Resigning from the Branch

In order to resign from Unison the following needs to take place:

Your resignation needs to be in writing to the branch (which can be by e-mail) and include your name, full postal address and  membership number and payroll number, together with a signed statement stating you wish to resign.  (if you work for the City Council this is your employee ID which is a 7 digit number rather than the “Yourself” number). You should also e-mail a copy of your resignation to your payroll provider so that both Unison and your payroll provider have been informed.

The branch has responsibility for cancelling your membership on the Unison national database and your payroll provider has responsibility for cancelling your subscriptions.  (Note immediate resignation is not possible as the timing will be subject to cut off points regarding payroll processing).

Alternatively if you do not have access to e-mail you can send the information hard copy to the branch but please note this will be a slower process and you will still need to take responsibility for cancelling your subscriptions via your payroll provider.

If you pay your subscriptions by direct debit

Your resignation is still required in writing. It will be your responsibility to cancel your direct debit payments direct with your bank. The time taken to process this will depend upon the date of your direct debit payments and when you notify your bank.

Address for resignations:

Unison, 40 Kingsway, Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 1JH

Email –


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