Retired Membership

Retired lifelong membership of Unison is available based on national rules:

2.6.1  A member may apply at any time for retired membership if he/she has had at least 2 years continuous membership immediately prior to their retirement from employment within those areas of work set out in Rule C.1 and who are retired.

2.6.2 Retired members who return to paid employment, which falls within the scope of Rule C.1 will be obliged to pay the appropriate subscription rate to remain in Unison membership. Such members will be able to resume retired member status on ceasing paid employment.  Retired members who return to paid employment which falls outside the scope of Rule C.1 will cease holding retired member status. Such members may apply to resume Unison retired member status when they cease paid employment.

You need to join the branch in which you were previously employed or the one which is closed to your main place of residence.

The retired members group for this branch meets approximately once a month  – thursday afternoons – and also organise various trips and social events.

The cost is £15 for life.  Please contact the branch for an application form or download here –retiredmembersapplicationform

If you have finished  your current job and are not in work and are not sure whether you will retire or get another job – unemployed membership is available at a cost of £4 per year for a maximum of 2 years. This would be necessary  should the union be involved in any legal cases on your behalf in order to maintain your right to legal assistance – unemployedapplicationrequest

Please send all forms to the branch office – Unison , 40 Kingsway, Stoke-On-Trent ST4 1JH


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