My subscriptions have increased (or decreased) on my latest City of Stoke-on-Trent pay slip. What has happened?

Annually (usually around November each year) the City of Stoke-On-Trent payroll check the gross salaries of members to see if the correct level of Unison subscriptions are being paid. 

This total is then used as the basis for calculating the subscriptions to be paid for the next 12 months based on the Unison subscriptions rates currently in force.  Note: Superannuable gross pay does NOT include mileage and travel expenses but DOES include sleep ins, overtime etc.

In case of error, contact the payroll department who will be happy to check the calculation and rectify any errors made. 

I have changed from full to part time working but my subscriptions are still being deducted at the old level.

The branch pays the payroll section of the City Council to manage the subscriptions on our behalf. Ideally, an adjustment should be made when the reduction in hours is processed but this is not always the case. The payroll department therefore have a system where they can recalculate what the subscription payments should be based on the change of earnings and will then organise a reimbursement.

I am leaving the employment. Can I stay as a member on the register?

If you have not found alternative employment,  you are entitled to remain an unemployed member of the branch for a maximum of 2 years at a cost of £4 per year.  The unemployed application request can be downloaded and needs to be sent with a cheque made payable to “Unison” for £4 for your first years membership.

You will be contacted again when the second payment is due.  Please inform the branch when should your employment circumstances change in the meantime..

If you have retired or have ceased employment on the grounds of ill health and meet the criteria for retired membership:

  • in receipt of a pension

  • not in employment or intending to seek further employment

you are entitled to become a life time retired member for a one off payment (currently £15). Please contact the branch office for further details and an application form or download one – RETIREDMEMBERSFORM0001.

I have been off sick for 12 months and am now not earning any money. How do I continue my subscriptions?

It is branch policy that anyone who is still employed by the City Council but not earning any monies does not need to pay subscriptions. However, you will need to check that your subscriptions are deducted by payroll once you return to work or contact the branch for details of unemployed membership (see above)  should this situation arise.

Please contact the branch office so that your membership record is updated to indicate your are currently exempt from paying Unison subscriptions and also when you return to work and recommence paying subscriptions.

I am on maternity leave and now out of pay. How is my membership affected?

Please contact the branch so that your membership record is updated to indicate your are currently exempt from paying Unison subscriptions. You will need to ensure that your payroll provider recommences subscriptions if/when you return back to work and need to notify the branch of the change.

My subscriptions have stopped without my noticing?

Usually this occurs if you have changed jobs and your subscription payments have not been moved across by your payroll provider.  If this is a fairly recent occurrence, contact your payroll provider, who should be happy to correct this. If this happened sometime ago, your membership record would have been lapsed and you will need to rejoin again.




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