The Joining Process

What happens when I have completed my application form?

Please ensure you have completed all relevant fields of the form. Common problems include not signing and dating the form, not entering you payroll number (together with your 3 digit payroll group if you are employed by Stoke-On-Trent City Council) and not ticking the box to indicate which earnings band you belong to. The branch office cannot process any incomplete forms and they will be returned to you for correction so its better to check in the first place that everything has been completed.

Send your completed application form to the branch office.

  • You will usually receive a letter within 14 days (usually sooner) welcoming you to the branch. This will inform you who the branch officers and stewards are and include a temporary membership card.  If your letter has not been received within 28 working days please contact us as either your form has not been received or there have been unforeseen circumstances at the branch office.
  • At the same time your welcome letter is issued, assuming you are paying by deduction out of your salary, your form will be sent to your payroll provider to commence payments. This should be denoted on your payslip as a deduction.  If a payroll cut-off date has just been missed, it will show on the next months payslip.
  • Your form will also be forwarded to the Regional Office in Birmingham who will issue you with a welcome pack and formal membership card and membership number. However, if you have been a previous member of Unison, they will simply restate your old membersehip number. Your formal membership number may take a coup0le of weeks to arrive.  Direct debit payments will also be processed by the regional office.

Issues Which Pre-Date Accpetance Into Membership

  • Please note: You will not be entitled to legal support from the union’s legal advisors until you have paid at least 4 weeks Unison subscriptions.  This would exclude you from legal support with regards to any incident that occurs during the qualifying period.
    The branch rules also prevent you receiving representation on any issue that occurs prior to you becoming a member. Verbal advice and guidance on such issues may be provided once your application has been processed by the branch office.

 What employers does the City of Stoke-On-Trent Branch Cover? 

City of Stoke On Trent, Stoke On Trent College, Sixth Form College, those employed directly or indirectly providing services to the public in the private sector within the City Boundaries.


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