Unison Welfare


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A unique service providing support exclusively for Unison members and dependants at times of special need.

Unison Welfare is Unison’s registered charity. We are aware of the pressure members face on a daily basis and can provide support at times of unforeseen financial hardship or personal difficulty such as redundancy, bereavement, illness or relationship breakdown.

Support is offered in a variety of ways and includes confidential advice and financial assistance in the form of grants. A grant could be made for example to help with household bills, ease debts or help with the cost of a much needed break for you and our family.

If you need help on any welfare matter please ring 0207 1215620, email thereforeyou@unison.co.uk  or visit the website http://www.unison.org.uk/get-help/help-with-problems-at-home/there-for-you/

A leaflet summarising services is also available – there for you services leaflet

Unison Lottery – http://unison.charitylotteries.co.uk/ -(all proceeds go to There For You)


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