Voluntary Redundancy & Unison Membership

If you are leaving on Voluntary Redundancy and wish to maintain your Unison membership of the branch,  there are several options:

  • If you are retired, in receipt of a pension and not intending to seek further alternative employment, why not become a retired member for a one off fee of £15 for life.  This maintains you right to legal advice from solicitors if required. A retired membership form is available from the branch office. The Retired Members’ group usually meets once a month and also has an annual holiday at Croyde Bay in May and organises day trips and other social occasions.
  • If you are seeking alternative employment but haven’t found anything yet – you can become an unemployed member of the branch at a cost of £4 per year up to a maximum of 2 years.  All you need to do is send a letter in writing to the branch indicating you wish to become an unemployed member and send a cheque for £4 made payable to Unison.
  • Got another job? If within the public or voluntary sector, you can join another Unison branch.

For further advice, please contact the branch office on 01782 236750 or e-mail ul-stokecity@unison.org.uk


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