Senior Managers

Chief Officers

Join Unison – the union for Chief Officers and Senior Managers

As a Chief Officer or Senior Manager in local government you need a strong and effective union to represent your interests.Everyone needs a helping hand at work sometimes. And joining Unison, Britain’s biggest union, gives senior local government staff a voice that’s heard in the workplace, and by government.

But size is not our only advantage. We represent a huge range of professional employees and the diversity of our membership is also our strength. Senior managers are important to us, because of the sort of union we are.

  • Unison was created to unite all those who work in the public services.

  • We also have many thousands of members who aspire to management positions, so representing the breadth of our membership is vital

  • Good management is a fundamental requirement for the delivery of good public services. We believe passionately in the quality of those services and know that achieving this goal will be easier if managers are part of Unison

So we aim to provide Chief Officers and Senior Managers with a service which is second to none. We can:

  • Improve your pay and conditions at work. Unison is the majority union on the National Joint Council which negotiates Senior Managers pay and conditions. We also sit on the Chief Officers’ Joint Negotiating Committee

  • Represent you in cases of grievance or disciplinary action.  We understand that Chief Officers and Senior Managers sometimes need union representation which is appropriate to their position. Our branches and regions are sensitive to these issues.

  • Give free legal advice and assistance. Unison has a strong track record in representing senior staff in legal proceedings and securing significant victories on their behalf.

  • Tackle discrimination. Unison fights for the right of all senior staff to progress their careers free from discrimination and harassment. We have defended this right at law, when appropriate.

  • Campaign on your behalf. Unison is affiliated to the Labour Party locally and nationally through the Affiliated Political Fund (APF). This link enables us to promote the views of our members and the needs of public services, within the Labour Party, in Parliament and in Europe.  Unison’s General Political Fund (GPF) is used to pay for campaigning at branch, regional and national levels of the union and for research and lobbying in Parliament and Europe. It is a non party political.

  • Offer advice on professional development and training. Unison offers a comprehensive advice service on all matters relating to members professional development. We are constantly seeking to update and improve our services to members.

  • Develop policy on your behalf. Chief Officers and Senior Managers have their own National Forum within Unison which meets regularly to debate current issues facing staff. The forum ensures that your interests are fully represented within the union. And it organises events and seminars relevant to Chief Officers and Senior Managers.


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