Why Join

10 Good Reasons To Join Unison


You can earn more

Year on year, UNISON wins pay rises for its members. Average earnings are around eight per cent higher in unionised workplaces.


You’re more likely to get equal pay

UNISON is campaigning to bring women’s pay into line with men’s. Workplaces with union recognition are 20 per cent more likely to have an equal opportunities policy.


You get more holiday

UNISON has won increased leave for many of its members wherever they work.


You get more and better training

UNISON provides courses to help you learn new skills, improve existing ones and develop your career. Since 1994 UNISON has won agreements with employers to pay for courses and provide time off for employees to attend them.


You get more maternity leave or parental leave

If you belong to UNISON, your employer is more likely to have parental leave policies which are more generous than the statutory minimum.


You’re less likely to be injured at work

UNISON health and safety stewards are trained to minimise the risk of workplace injuries and ensure that employers meet their legal obligations.


If you do get injured at work, you’ll get better compensation

UNISON wins millions in legal compensation for people who are injured or become ill at work. We won over £37 million in 2004 for members and their families.


You’re less likely to be discriminated against

UNISON campaigns for tougher laws to make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, disability or sexual orientation. Black and Asian trade unionists earn 32 per cent more than non-unionised colleagues.


You can help keep our public services public

UNISON campaigns against all forms of privatisation, including PFI and foundation hospitals. Where our members have been transferred to the private sector we have won them pay and employment protections.


You’re less likely to be sacked

Trade union members are only half as likely to be sacked as non members.
Being a UNISON member gives you a huge range of benefits including:
  • Unrivalled protection and representation at work
  • Help with pay and conditions of service
  • Health and safety guidance and support
  • Confidential welfare services for you and your dependents in difficult times
  • Excellent legal services including free help with work problems and legal support for members and their families
  • Pensions advice
  • A special hotline, UNlSON direct, for help and advice on workplace issues
  • Online employment and workplace advice
  • Education and training advice and courses, leading to vocational and professional qualifications
  • Cash benefits for accidents and injuries at work
  • A colour magazine sent to your home four times a year, a fortnightly newspaper for our stewards and activists and a full range of publicity
  • Special deals on everything from computers, tax returns, holidays, mortgages, car breakdown services, insurance and credit cards
  • Our own holiday centre for members and families at the Devon seaside

What else should I know?

Here’s four good reasons why UNISON is right for you:

  • No one works harder. Unison has fought many high profile equal pay claims around the country, and is a major influence on government policy such as the minimum wage, health care, policing and pensions.
  • Women represented. UNISON’s membership is two-thirds women – so we make sure their voices are heard throughout the union. At every level of the union, women are elected in fair proportion to their membership.
  • A voice for everyone. UNISON makes sure everyone has a say in how the union is run, from branch member to general secretary. Our unique structure ensures top-quality help and advice is available at local, regional and national level.
  • Bigger and better. UNISON is not only the country’s biggest trade union, it’s one of the fastest growing too.